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  • 2005 Nissan NOTE

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  • May 2022
    Our little Nissan note runs well. Good fuel economy. Looks very tidy once the wheel covers were fitted.
    —KATHLEEN A - 2005 Nissan Note
  • Jan 2022
    We like the upright feel of the seating and the option to conceal luggage in the boot. The Note has a foot parking brake which might take some getting used to if you haven't used one before but generally a very straightforward little hatch.
    —Shirley J - 2005 Nissan Note
  • Dec 2021
    Total honesty about vehicles problems Made it easier to seal the deal
    —David J - 2005 Nissan Note
  • Jun 2021
    Nissan note is a great wee car. Easy to get in and out of, easy to park, and relatively economical
    —Tina R - 2005 Nissan Note # Trade-in Special #
  • Apr 2021
    Wonderful vehicle.
    —Noel L - 2005 Nissan NOTE
  • Mar 2021
    This vehicle suits me, as I only need a little vehicle to get around. But it has enough space for my stuff to fit, as I travel. Good little run around car.
    —Cindalee T - 2005 Nissan Note
  • Nov 2020
    This vehicle is so cheap Nd economic for me iv Ben traveling up and down the country like a yoyo and every drive has been a smooth roller-coaster ride yay!
    —Chaance H - 2005 Nissan Note AUTOMATIC ECONOMY PLUS
  • Oct 2020
    Happy with the car so far, no issues as of yet and hopefully won't be any in the near future
    —ANASTASSIYA L - 2005 Nissan Note 1500cc, LOW MILEAGE
  • Oct 2020
    amazing on gas
    —Erkan K - 2005 Nissan Note
  • Jul 2020
    It is a great little car.It suits me down to the ground
    —Ann G - 2005 Nissan Note 15S V package
  • Jul 2020
    I absolutely love this car for my daughter.
    —TRACY F - 2005 Nissan NOTE
  • Jul 2020
    Economic to run, great little car for around the town and even handles the open road with ease. Compact but roomy and reliable car.
    —Keren-Happuch P - 2005 Nissan Note
  • Feb 2020
    The car is good for a small family. It's spacious and reliable.
    —Rami A - 2005 Nissan Note
  • Feb 2020
    Very roomy. Comfortable to drive. Easy to get in and out of - especially if you like me- that stage in life where it gets harder.
    —Patricia W - 2005 Nissan NOTE
  • Jan 2020
    Great car for my needs
    —JOANNE S - 2005 Nissan Note
  • Dec 2019
    Yes its nice car definitely good
    —Amila U - 2005 Nissan Note
  • Oct 2019
    Note is easy to drive especially to the new learner in driving
    —Teodoro E - 2005 Nissan Note 15S
  • Aug 2019
    We needed a comfortable, easy to drive, and economical car for basic go to work and run about shopping. This car is perfect for us.
    —Craig H - 2005 NISSAN NOTE
  • Jul 2019
    I find the Nissan note a peppy little car that is quite roomy and so far seems quite economical to run compared to my old car. It is a nice looking car that's in good condition and I'm enjoying driving it
    —Shara M - 2005 Nissan Note 1.5E
  • Mar 2019
    Good size and boot space for its size.
    —Anna F - 2005 Nissan NOTE 1.5S Lowkm
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