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  • 2008 Nissan Xtrail

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  • Nov 2021
    Its is a very good car comfortable inside nice car to travel.
    —Olivia H - 2008 Nissan x-trail
  • Nov 2021
    Very durable van. Fits the whole family and more space than I expected. Good drive and very good on fuel.
    —Siaola M - 2008 Nissan X-Trail
  • Nov 2021
    Good all round car. Good for surfers
    —Simon M - 2008 Nissan X-Trail
  • Nov 2021
    Heaps of space and easy to drive and good fuel economy
    —Aaron G - 2008 Nissan X-Trail 20X 4WD
  • Nov 2021
    Very nice car to drive and like that it's chain driven
    —Benjamin F - 2008 Nissan X-Trail 20X 4WD
  • Oct 2021
    Car has good stability and power. Feels solid to drive, yet is a smooth comfortable ride.
    —Anne T - 2008 Nissan X-trail 2.5 4WD LowKms
  • Oct 2021
    Spacious and reliable
    —WILKIE H - 2008 Nissan X-TRAIL 20X
  • Oct 2021
    Great practical car with good fuel economy for the size of the vehicle. Smooth driving. Great overall car.
    —Oliver V - 2008 Nissan X-Trail
  • Oct 2021
    Nice Car and it reliable Car suits for my Family
    —Adrian K - 2008 Nissan X-Trail
  • Oct 2021
    We were looking for a family car which would have space for kids and all their junk (prams etc) as well as wanted space in the boot for our German Shepherd to fit comfortably. 4WD was a bonus as we like going camping/the like. Overall we found the 08 X trail to be the best fit in terms of fuel economy, drive feel, storage, presentation, safety, and practicality.
    —Scott M - 2008 Nissan X-Trail
  • Oct 2021
    4wheel drive works well.
    —Paul M - 2008 Nissan X-TRAIL 4WD 20X
  • Oct 2021
    My truck is great for the outdoors & everything is good on it 🙂
    —Angelina W - 2008 Nissan X-Trail
  • Oct 2021
    Great vehicle for the features and price
    —Sean H - 2008 Nissan X-TRAIL 20S 2WD/4WD
  • Oct 2021
    I liked the Vehicle as it had all the requirments that I required I owned 3 nissans prior had an awesome run out of those vehicles so I wanted another one
    —Robert H - 2008 Nissan X-Trail 4WD
  • Sep 2021
    So far so good. Its very comfy&drives well. Looks cool too. Can't wait to hit the open road soon.
    —Geraldine G - 2008 Nissan X-Trail
  • Aug 2021
    Everything is good and we love the vehicle
    —Palu V - 2008 Nissan x-trail
  • Aug 2021
    Very comfortable to drive .lots space in the back
    —Wendy A - 2008 Nissan X-Trail
  • Aug 2021
    —Gina A - 2008 Nissan X-Trail
  • Aug 2021
    I love my xtrail! It's definitely worth having a look around at a few to find the golden one that is going to have everything you want/need
    —Katharine B - 2008 Nissan X-TRAIL
  • Aug 2021
    I had a general idea of the kind of vehicle I wanted, and why I wanted it - which made choosing the Nissan X Trail easier. I know the X Trail me and my whanau's needs, and we are happy with choosing this vehicle.
    —Danielle H - 2008 Nissan X-Trail 20S 4WD
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