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  • 2009 Nissan NOTE

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  • Mar 2020
    So far, the vehicle is going well. Excellent on petrol.
    —ROBERT L, christchurch - 2009 Nissan Note 15X
  • Mar 2020
    It is good
    —ARNEL J, christchurch - 2009 Nissan Note
  • Mar 2020
    It's a straight forward car
    —Arna-Louise M, christchurch - 2009 Nissan Note
  • Feb 2020
    Good value car
    —Brigit H, christchurch - 2009 Nissan Note 15X
  • Feb 2020
    It was not the type of car I would normally buy but pleasantly surprised by it.
    —William B, christchurch - 2009 Nissan Note
  • Feb 2020
    we are very happy with our Note great car our second one roomy and easy to drive.
    —Carrol B, christchurch - 2009 Nissan NOTE 15G
  • Jan 2020
    This car is ideal for its intended use ... a shopping basket, running around locally.
    —Irene G, christchurch - 2009 Nissan Note 15X
  • Dec 2019
    It's a really neat little car with a hidden storage compartment in the front glove box and also in the boot for if needing out of the way, hidden storage. I'd compare it to a TARDIS because it looks little on the outside but on the inside it's rather spacious. We can fit our daughter's two car seats plus an adult in the middle seat. Also with plenty of floor room in the back and front seat. I love it how you feel up higher and can see the front of the car and the back of the car much easier than a normal sedan, and parking is easy. It might not be the most zooming car up hills compared to a v6 or similar but it does well considering. Lastly I love the fact it's white and feels more noticeable on road hehe.
    —Donna B, christchurch - 2009 Nissan Note
  • Nov 2019
    It is a great and impressive little car lots of space inside quite roomy and excellent on fuel drives very smoothly and quite a speedy little car very happy with my Nissan Note
    —Corina R, christchurch - 2009 Nissan NOTE 15X
  • Oct 2019
    It’s a great little car.
    —Gavin B, christchurch - 2009 Nissan Note
  • Oct 2019
    Loving it! Suitable to my small family
    —Sarah S, christchurch - 2009 Nissan NOTE
  • Jul 2019
    A very room vehicle for it's size.
    —Kerry W, christchurch - 2009 Nissan Note 15X
  • Jul 2019
    I'm satisfied with this car.
    —SANGYOON L, christchurch - 2009 Nissan NOTE
  • May 2019
    For a smaller car it has a good size boot.
    —Sharyn N, christchurch - 2009 Nissan Note
  • Apr 2019
    Very nice car to drive, very smooth and quiet!
    —Patricia M, christchurch - 2009 Nissan NOTE *ON SALE*
  • Apr 2019
    Very handy for teenage drivers in terms of fuel efficiency and safety features, my daughter loves it.
    —Ruka M, christchurch - 2009 Nissan Note
  • Feb 2019
    Spacious for it's size, heaps of storage space ☺️ comfortable to drive. Good value for money.
    —Renette V, christchurch - 2009 Nissan Note
  • Feb 2019
    Very smooth ride. Seamless gear shift.
    —Andries V, christchurch - 2009 Nissan Note
  • Jan 2019
    Great spacious little car. More room than meets the eye
    —Diana W, christchurch - 2009 Nissan Note 15X
  • Jan 2019
    good storage space.
    —Guofeng Y, christchurch - 2009 Nissan Note
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