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  • 2012 BMW 116i

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  • Jul 2022
    I love it. I was looking for a slightly smaller car with a bit of personality
    —Sally W - 2012 BMW 116I STYLE LOWLOW KMS !
  • Jun 2022
    So far, this vehicle is amazing. I have had no problems whatsoever. Great on fuel, awesome power and visually stunning.
    —Dylan M - 2012 BMW 116I M-Sport in Estoril Blue Metallic!
  • May 2022
    Good car
    —Rajiv G - 2012 BMW 116i
  • May 2022
    Good economic alternative to other snall cars, average 6.4L per 100km on a 1200km road trip and has luxury car aspects.
    —Charles B - 2012 BMW 116i Style Turbo
  • May 2022
    it’s an amazing car. came perfectly clean and felt new inside
    —Sophie B - 2012 BMW 116i Sports
  • May 2022
    Very good on road very easy to control and very reliable with fuel economy
    —Alfred F - 2012 BMW 116i
  • Apr 2022
    A lot of car for your money, the European cars are ahead of their time in technology and smart looking. Although it’s not the type of car I set out to buy, things changed fast and I’m very happy with my purchase ☺️
    —Amanda S - 2012 BMW 116i M Sport Edition
  • Mar 2022
    All good so far. Pleasure to drive.
    —Kelly B - 2012 BMW 116I Style
  • Mar 2022
    Such a good little car. Exactly what I wanted. And it’s sexy red!!
    —Natasha R - 2012 BMW 116i Sportline
  • Feb 2022
    Sporty, sleek, so many great features
    —Lorina G - 2012 BMW 116i Sport Turbo
  • Feb 2022
    Fuel economy is excellent as I was expecting and far better than the level published by rite car!
    —Vaughan C - 2012 BMW 116i Style Turbo
  • Jan 2022
    —Janno L - 2012 BMW 116i Low Kms
  • Jan 2022
    —Tommy S - 2012 BMW 116i
  • Dec 2021
    Love my new car!
    —Maximo L - 2012 BMW 116i SPORT
  • Dec 2021
    Was looking for something more fuel economic but with enough boogie to do a long trip with hills. Needed to look the part also! Love it
    —Stephanine B - 2012 BMW 116i SPORT
  • Nov 2021
    Great clever design of interior space for smaller vehicle. Boot storage good. Very peppy yet fuel efficient.
    —Jan R - 2012 BMW 116i SPORT PACKAGE
  • Oct 2021
    Two weeks with the new car and I’m very pleased with it so far, very efficient, comfortable exactly what I was looking for.
    —Daniel C - 2012 BMW 116i SportHatch
  • Oct 2021
    Lovely interior, smooth to drive.
    —Zane M - 2012 BMW 116i
  • Sep 2021
    Love the car was exactly what I wanted.
    —Nadia J - 2012 BMW 116i
  • Aug 2021
    Great car. I love it!
    —Kahurangi M - 2012 BMW 116I 1600
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