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  • 2013 Mazda DEMIO

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  • Jul 2022
    Great size looks good and excellent on fuel
    —Marcus B - 2013 Mazda Demio
  • Jul 2022
    Cheap to run
    —Saten K - 2013 Mazda Demio 13 SKYACTIVE SHOOTING STAR
  • Jul 2022
    The Demio is a low emission car. Feels spacious as the windows are quite large. Feels safe and reliable. Great wee car.
    —Diana B - 2013 Mazda Demio (2) 1.3lt Skyative 'Shooting Star'
  • Jul 2022
    a great little car
    —Brian H - 2013 Mazda Demio Skyactiv
  • Jul 2022
    Great fuel economy and i-stop feature is good. I am very happy with it's performance.
    —Judith L - 2013 Mazda Demio
  • Jul 2022
    Drove back to Blenheim, stopped for drink at Kaikura, I am 1870 tall and big , found the trip easy so not just round town car also fuel use less than half of the Mitsubishi we drove down . VERY HAPPY
    —Mark D - 2013 Mazda DEMIO Facelift SkyActiv
  • Jul 2022
    I love this vehicle and its a lot roomer than what I though and being a 1300cc its got some grunt and very cheap on fuel.
    —Anne H - 2013 Mazda Demio (2) 1.3lt Skyative 'Shooting Star'
  • Jul 2022
    —ANIL K - 2013 Mazda Demio
  • Jul 2022
    My wife liked this little car so as myself. Economical as well
    —Reghuram R - 2013 Mazda Demio
  • Jul 2022
    Very fuel efficient which really was the selling point of the car
    —Fraser B - 2013 Mazda DEMIO 13 Skyactive
  • Jul 2022
    Good combination of storage style, fuel efficiency, power and safety. Bonus clean car rebate
    —DOMINIQUE N - 2013 Mazda Demio
  • Jul 2022
    These are a great wee car love it
    —Lynne S - 2013 Mazda Demio 13 Skyactiv Shooting Star
  • Jun 2022
    —Jorald O - 2013 Mazda DEMIO 13 Skyactive
  • Jun 2022
    I really loved the car especially colour
    —Bijily B - 2013 Mazda Demio 2 New Shape
  • Jun 2022
    It was a great drive home to Rotorua. It was nice and cheap to fill and looks great. No weird bits. Much appreciated!
    —Kotene M - 2013 Mazda Demio
  • Jun 2022
    Well i consider mazda demio very convenient for my kids..
    —Hambert C - 2013 Mazda Demio
  • Jun 2022
    Nice clean and tidy condition, good features for a small car and quite roomy .
    —Christopher G - 2013 Mazda Demio
  • May 2022
    Petrol efficient
    —Aurora H - 2013 Mazda Demio
  • May 2022
    The Skyactive Mazda Demio is impressively economical. My first drive from Mount Manganui to Auckland 218 km in fairly heavy Friday traffic especially near Auckland it used 11.9 litres 5.46 litres 100 km. It was fine on the open road with sufficient power, and handles nicely. I’ve got to like the CVT transmission which contributes to its economy. Around Auckland City it seems to use 6.5 litres 100 km. It has iStop which stops the engine when your foot is on the brake etc. at traffic lights. It automatically starts again in an instant using its direct fuel injection. Might be a squeeze fitting in Mum and Dad and 2 teenagers and a dog but it’ll be fine for us around town as well as long trips with 2 on board. Hatchback with fold down rear seats holds ample luggage. Very pleased.
    —Graham O - 2013 Mazda Demio
  • May 2022
    I have found this car to be very economical. It is very comfortable to drive.
    —Angela N - 2013 Mazda DEMIO Facelift LowKms
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