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  • 2013 Toyota Prius

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  • Aug 2022
    The team really love the new vehicle and love the colour especially.
  • Aug 2022
    I love my Prius. I wanted to downsize but still have the same amount of seats. It's perfect.
    —Janelle C - 2013 Toyota Prius CX Hybrid
  • Aug 2022
    I love this car
    —Emerson G - 2013 Toyota Prius ALHPA
  • Aug 2022
    Highly recommended 😊
    —Vidhya - 2013 Toyota Prius ALPHA G TOURING SELECTION
  • Aug 2022
    I like prius for drive
    —Ramiza N - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha
  • Aug 2022
    This vehicle is a great affordable option as a 7 seater hybrid, drives smoothly and is fuel efficient.
    —Sarah J - 2013 Toyota Prius ALPHA S TOURING SELECTION
  • Jul 2022
    It’s great
    —Anna L - 2013 Toyota Prius ALPHA HYBRID
  • Jul 2022
    Drives nicely, reasonable power, don't like the handbrake on the floor but probably can't avoid that these days. Really like its higher roof line, not sloped back like newer cars. Very attracted by its flexibility ie 7-seater for family outings but very generous boot space with 5 seats down.White is reasonably good for visibility on the road. At 1.8 made it easier to downsize from our previous 2L station wagon/towing vehicle but not as low powered as 1.5.
    —Janice S - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha Hybrid 7 seats
  • Jul 2022
    Excellent car. Fuel efficient, feels very stable when you are driving, and very spacious.
    —Murray T - 2013 Toyota Prius S -Grade
  • Jul 2022
    Great car.
    —Ross D - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha
  • Jul 2022
    —Volodymyr D - 2013 Toyota Prius G Touring Leather Pkg
  • Jul 2022
    Very comfortable and surprised by its handling and quite peppy.
    —Paton Y - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha
  • Jun 2022
    We have found the Toyota Prius very adequate for our needs. It is a real pleasure to drive.
    —Vincent C - 2013 Toyota Prius Hybrid G Cruise Control
  • Jun 2022
    This vehicle fulfilled my needs.
    —Manish T - 2013 Toyota Prius ALPHA S
  • Jun 2022
    Overall the car is excellent with 5/5 safety and 5/5 performance. Comfortable and convenient ride. Worth the money.
    —DEEPICA S - 2013 Toyota Prius S-Package Synergy-Drive Certified Mileage
  • Jun 2022
    The boot with 2 back seats flat is a bit smaller than the Toyota wish if you are comparing boot space, but other than that it's a nice car to drive and use when needing to fit more than 5 people in the car. It's also nice if you have the right carseats for kids you can have 3 across the middle and 2 offer isofix and all 3 seats have anchor hooks.
    —Julie T - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha 7 Seater
  • Jun 2022
    Very happy with car.
    —SHREEJI SERVICES LIMITED - 2013 Toyota Prius Alpha S 7 Seater
  • Jun 2022
    A superbly generic ride, great fuel efficiency (obv), everything works and does what it should - no surprises.
    —Mark P - 2013 Toyota Prius 1.8 NewShape SuperLowKms
  • Jun 2022
    Very economical and easy to drive, it was a different experience as it was my first time to drive hybrid car
    —Joan Q - 2013 Toyota Prius ALPHA HYBRID
  • Jun 2022
    I would love to save some money from petrol and I hope Prius could do it.
    —Cuong M - 2013 Toyota Prius C
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