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  • 2016 Toyota Aqua

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  • Jul 2022
    Very happy so far
    —James P - 2016 Toyota Aqua
  • Jul 2022
    Good little car for people looking for economy
    —Sandeep S - 2016 Toyota Aqua Hybrid
  • Jul 2022
    Deceptively spacious for a hatchback and functional internal layout with improved external design.
    —Christopher M - 2016 Toyota AQUA S
  • Jun 2022
    Very economical
    —CHANDANIBEN A - 2016 Toyota AQUA S MODEL! / All Electric Window
  • Jun 2022
    Great car. Lovely to drive, and very economical.
    —SHONA G - 2016 Toyota Aqua S-Package Prius C
  • Jun 2022
    No issues so far, using much less petrol - which was the major factor for a hybrid - cheers.
    —Mark B - 2016 Toyota AQUA Spec G GS Hybrid
  • Jun 2022
    Absolutely love my new car, as it is used as a daily runner for work I was looking for fuel economy and the aqua is a perfect fit for my needs
  • Jun 2022
    Nice car
    —Manjeet S - 2016 Toyota Aqua
  • Jun 2022
    we never considered going the hybrid way ,but we are so pleased we did and would happily recommend these cars and to friends and family
    —MCLINTOCK ROOFING SERVICES LIMITED - 2016 Toyota Aqua Facelift, S Model
  • Jun 2022
    Good safety rating Fuel economy Good daughters first car
    —clark N - 2016 Toyota Aqua HYBRID
  • Jun 2022
    Nice and comfortable car
    —Paul T - 2016 Toyota Aqua L
  • Jun 2022
    Great car. Am thinking of getting another in 2 years
    —Lisa S - 2016 Toyota AQUA L
  • Jun 2022
    Lovely car to drive. Very happy with it so far. Expecting that to continue.
    —Josie G - 2016 Toyota AQUA Facelift Model HYBRID
  • Jun 2022
    Great compact reliable and efficient vehicle.
    —Lance B - 2016 Toyota Aqua GGS Hybrid
  • May 2022
    If you are looking for a car which has a good fuel consumption and not too pricy price and reliable Aqua is the best
    —Aya N - 2016 Toyota Aqua
  • May 2022
    Great car, no issues over a week in. Smooth and comfy to drive. Isent gutless like you might expect. Really goes if you need it to. Barely scratched the fuel meter and driven everyday.
    —Jordan T - 2016 Toyota Aqua 1.5lt Hybrid 'Facelift'
  • May 2022
    Perfect vehicle for small family.
    —Prabhjeet S - 2016 Toyota AQUA S Hybrid Facelift 'Style Black'
  • May 2022
    Great car, very economical and doesn't look too bad. Nice simple design and nice ease into the hybrid market
    —Daniel F - 2016 Toyota Aqua Facelift Model Hybrid
  • May 2022
    Being a Toyota they are very reliable, being a Hybrid it is very economical. It's a smallish car but can seat 5.
    —Arthur B - 2016 Toyota Aqua S
  • May 2022
    This car is so economical I'm saving $75 per week on petrol compared to my previous car. It's easy to drive and comfortable.
    —Heather B - 2016 Toyota AQUA Facelift Model HYBRID
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