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  • 2017 Nissan Leaf

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  • Apr 2022
    We love it! We hadn't driven one prior to buying it so we were alittle apprehensive. However, it is so nice to drive and love not shedding out hundreds each fortnight at the petrol pump!
    —Kathryn S - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh Thanks Edition BOSE and 360 Camera
  • Apr 2022
    It is great to drive, has lots of power if needed. It is comfortable and the best is bye bye petrol!
    —Heather W - 2017 Nissan Leaf 30X 84% SOH
  • Apr 2022
    I love my car. I used to drive a 2012 Leaf, and this is a huge improvement. No range anxiety for me anymore. The car has more space, the carboot is much bigger. The car looks more modern.
    —Sanne M - 2017 Nissan Leaf 40X 88% SOH
  • Apr 2022
    So pleased to be driving an EV. for the sake of the environment. Speedy rebate process.
    —Helen L - 2017 Nissan Leaf 30X 30KW EV
  • Apr 2022
    Would highly recommend this vehicle.
    —Mary P - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh Thanks Edition
  • Apr 2022
    So far I'm very impressed.
    —John K - 2017 Nissan LEAF S 30kWh
  • Mar 2022
    So far we are enjoying our car. I really like the backing camera and also the pedestrian warning “beeps” when backing.
    —Janice A - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh Thanks Edition
  • Mar 2022
    a good, reliable, well made vehicle
    —John M - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh
  • Mar 2022
    Vehicle works well for us. So far no issues at all and a really nice drive.
    —Sascha W - 2017 Nissan Leaf G
  • Mar 2022
    It is a delight to drive and I am extremely pleased we purchased it.
    —Norman W - 2017 Nissan LEAF G 30kWh Aero Style With BOSE, Leather, 6 Airbags, Thanks Edition
  • Mar 2022
    Nice to drive something that is part of the future, on going costs very minimal compared to ICE vehicle. Roughly $3 for a slow charge at home overnight! We purchased a Nissan Leaf as a 2nd vehicle for all that day to day running around locally.
    —GOOD WORKS LIMITED - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh Thanks Edition with 6 Airbags
  • Mar 2022
    Awesome car to drive , would highly recommend.
    —Donald R - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh Aero Style Thanks Edition
  • Mar 2022
    It’s awesome. We love our Leaf. It is everything we expected and hoped for in an EV.
    —Navin B - 2017 Nissan Leaf 30X 90% SOH Autech
  • Mar 2022
    Quality EV with lots of features for thier price proven tech
    —Glynn C - 2017 Nissan LEAF G 40kWh
  • Mar 2022
    Love it! Lovely to drive, and surprisingly spacious!
    —Brinley M - 2017 Nissan LEAF G 30kWh Thanks Edition With 6 Airbags, Full Leather, BOSE Audio, 360 Parking Camera
  • Mar 2022
    Using the 30kWh G model 2017 imported from Japan. Has about 150-170km range on an 85% SOH battery. No regrets with this car, has been silky smooth and powerful during acceleration and driving is a joy.
    —Jeremy L - 2017 Nissan LEAF G 30kWh
  • Mar 2022
    The leaf is a great car, as I expected it to be - I had done a lot of research and knew what I was buying. SOH is the key thing, after that the year/trim for features.
    —Luke T - 2017 Nissan Leaf Zero Emission
  • Mar 2022
    Great car! A pleasure to drive and has all the modern features (and more) that I'd expect.
    —Graeme W - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh
  • Mar 2022
    Love the car
    —Anne M - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh Thanks Edition
  • Mar 2022
    Love the car, it drives like a dream, quite and so so cheap to run.
    —Sabine L - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh Thanks Edition
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