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  • 2017 Nissan Leaf

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  • Mar 2022
    So far so good. We use this car all the time around town. Because it has a larger battery, we only charge every couple of days. Charging is easy. Everything about this car is easy.
    —Katharine A - 2017 Nissan Leaf EV 30S
  • Mar 2022
    It is a great car, great size. I really enjoy driving it. Very spacious. On the screen infront of you it tells you the exact speed your going, which is very helpful rather than a dial. It also has a percentage where it tells you exaclty how much battery is left in the car and on the right of that it shows you how much kms you have left of driving, it's very handy.
    —Sophie D - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh Aero Style, Thanks Edition
  • Mar 2022
    Good basic EV, does all that is needed with a reasonable range.
    —Virginia W - 2017 Nissan Leaf 30X 85% SOH Autech
  • Mar 2022
    Good car for daily commute to anywhere within 100km both way. Economical and pleasure to drive with many modern features.
    —Kyu K - 2017 Nissan LEAF G 40KW ELECTRIC
  • Mar 2022
    I can’t fault anything! Its the best car i have owned!
    —Maddison M - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh Thanks Edition
  • Mar 2022
    My Nissan Leaf has rapidly become my all-time favourite car! It handles superbly, is crammed with tech (which I love), and, best of all, I haven't spent a cent on petrol all week. With the government actively encouraging EV ownership, a public charger network that is expanding exponentially, not to mention fuel prices on the rise, now is a perfect time to make the jump to the EV hyperspace. So say “buh-BYE” to the bowser and hello to the electron!
    —Ferguson B - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh
  • Feb 2022
    We weren't sure about going for the 30KW older model, or 40kW new. I'm so glad we went for the 40kW! It looks so much better, longer range, is more powerful, and has all the safety features it is hard to find on the 30kW models.
    —2SHAKES LIMITED - 2017 Nissan LEAF 40kWh ZE1 X
  • Feb 2022
    It’s a great car, and I’m glad we went full electric!
    —Bryce G - 2017 Nissan Leaf 30X 82% SOH 10SRS
  • Feb 2022
    —Jed F - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh Thanks Edition
  • Feb 2022
    I love it! Had a learning curve when traveling long distance but once you learn you need to plan the journey and the stops it was great! Super surprised at how well it performs around town.
  • Feb 2022
    range seems to be as good or better than stated (for around town commuting).
    —Angus G - 2017 Nissan Leaf 30X 12 Bar 85% SOH
  • Feb 2022
    So far so good
    —Peter B - 2017 Nissan LEAF G 40kWh
  • Feb 2022
    Nice and easy to drive, sits well on the road due to heavy battery , well designed
    —Herbert M - 2017 Nissan Leaf 30X 86% SOH 10SRS
  • Feb 2022
    The x model has a step up in appearance and control panel inside - worth the extra for sure!!
    —Frankie S - 2017 Nissan Leaf 30X 85% SOH Aero Style
  • Feb 2022
    It's a great wee car, we went for the 30kw and think that makes a bit more sense than the 24kw, but understand it does relate to each persons intended use.
    —Kyle T - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh Thanks Edition BOSE and 360 Camera
  • Feb 2022
    Nissan Leaf is easy to drive!
    —Hsiang-Wei M - 2017 Nissan Leaf 30S 82% SOH
  • Feb 2022
    Love my new ev so smooth and quiet to drive.
    —Warren J - 2017 Nissan LEAF G 40kWh
  • Jan 2022
    Very well appointed vehicle and drives really well with instant power/ torque
    —Anna D - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh Thanks Edition
  • Jan 2022
    Loving the vehicle and wish I had made the move to an EV years ago
    —William S - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh Thanks Edition with 6 Airbags
  • Jan 2022
    Great car
    —Soumen B - 2017 Nissan Leaf 30X 87% SOH
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