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  • 2017 Nissan Leaf

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  • Apr 2021
    Love the Leaf!!! The transition to an EV has been so easy, and I’d never go back! Wish I had done it ages ago
    —Cassi K - 2017 Nissan Leaf 30X Side Airbags
  • Apr 2021
    It was a bit of a shift to think about buying an electric car, but it really has been super easy. The car is great to drive.
    —Steven H - 2017 Nissan Leaf 24S 92% SOH
  • Apr 2021
    An excellent car.
    —Guy W - 2017 Nissan Leaf
  • Apr 2021
    I love the 40kw. I still have a 30kw I purchased a good few years ago.
    —Victor D - 2017 Nissan Leaf
  • Apr 2021
    So far it has been a very pleasant and reliable E car. Highly recommended, specially as a second car for around town and short distances.
    —Marcel S - 2017 Nissan LEAF 30kWh Autech 30X - Thanks Edition wih extras!
  • Apr 2021
    A great little vehicle!
    —DRAGONFLY COLLECTIVE LIMITED - 2017 Nissan Leaf 40kWh G ZE1
  • Mar 2021
    I love the radar cruise control on the Nissan Leaf (G), I use it everywhere!
    —Luke M - 2017 Nissan LEAF G 40kWh
  • Mar 2021
    I LOVE my new car!! Extremely comfortable, great to drive, and feels so good not to be polluting!!
    —Nicholas C - 2017 Nissan Leaf 30X 30kWh
  • Mar 2021
    Very quiet, nice to drive and very economical.
    —Anna N - 2017 Nissan Leaf 30X
  • Mar 2021
    Good because we save money.
    —John C - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWH 83% SOH
  • Mar 2021
    Very good car for those wanting to enter the EV market for the first time.
    —Christopher I - 2017 Nissan Leaf
  • Mar 2021
    Easy, light, smooth handling. Comfortable, supportive seating. However I have the greatest pleasure in driving the Leaf. Its smoothness makes me relax and and removes whatever aggression still remains in my style after 58 years!
    —Robert S - 2017 Nissan LEAF 30kWh Gen 2 X Thanks Edition
  • Mar 2021
    Just enjoying it at the moment
    —Roland H - 2017 Nissan LEAF S 30kWh
  • Mar 2021
    I now understand why they are so popular as a town car.
    —Jeremy W - 2017 Nissan Leaf 30X 84% SOH 10SRS
  • Mar 2021
    An incredibly easy car to drive, we are delighted with our decision to switch to electric
    —Oliver C - 2017 Nissan LEAF G 40kWh
  • Mar 2021
    Try it, you'll like it!
    —Ian M - 2017 Nissan LEAF 40kWh ZE1 G Spec
  • Mar 2021
    So far it's been excellent. The Leaf is surprisingly performant when not in Eco; faster than my old Golf's turbo, and much smoother. I can already say that I prefer driving electric over petrol every time.
    —Ricahrd C - 2017 Nissan Leaf 30X 90% SOH
  • Feb 2021
    My second LEAF, a great car for those wanting to go electric, very reliable and because there’s so many of them there’s lots of choice, plenty of parts available, and your mechanic will be familiar with them.
    —Catherine C - 2017 Nissan LEAF X 30kWh Thanks Edition
  • Feb 2021
    It feels good not to be burning dinosaur juice
    —Lee D - 2017 Nissan Leaf EV 30X
  • Feb 2021
    Its great
    —Vivien M - 2017 Nissan LEAF G 40kWh Leather with BOSE Audio
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