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  • 2017 Toyota Aqua

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  • Aug 2022
    Very very fuel efficient
    —Benjamin T - 2017 Toyota Aqua 1.5L Hybird Low Kms
  • Aug 2022
    We are delighted with the Aqua. It drove well on our journey home (6 hours) and has been great around town. We intend to use the car to go from Motueka to Christchurch in the future, as it was more comfortable on the open road than we had anticipated. We calculated it used about 4 litres per 100 km on the open road, including hills.
    —Martin M - 2017 Toyota AQUA L
  • Aug 2022
    Sweet as, quiet, smooth and comfortable.
    —ROSLYN L - 2017 Toyota AQUA 4 x New Tyre/Safety sense
  • Aug 2022
    Great little car so far!
    —Warwick S - 2017 Toyota Aqua S-Package Prius C
  • Aug 2022
    Very good car and super fuel saver
    —CHANNYOULONG D - 2017 Toyota AQUA -S
  • Aug 2022
    Nice car
    —Ranjit K - 2017 Toyota Aqua Facelift Model Hybrid
  • Jul 2022
    Awesome car
    —Vamita N - 2017 Toyota Aqua X-Urban Hybrid
  • Jul 2022
    Just a car that is very cheap to run and doesnt break down. I bought it to replace my 2015 Aqua
    —THOMAS E - 2017 Toyota AQUA / Very Economical
  • Jul 2022
    It's so efficient, i got from Wellington to Hamilton on half a tank. Without trying to drive efficiently
    —Aaron P - 2017 Toyota Aqua
  • Jul 2022
    A great over all car, style is great, performance is great,love this car . Is a little car so if wanting boot room or carry a lot of stuff its not the car for that.
    —Shawn M - 2017 Toyota Aqua Hybrid
  • Jul 2022
    —. G - 2017 Toyota Aqua S Good Kilometers
  • Jul 2022
    It’s a great car, very economical I have 2 Aqua
    —Vivek S - 2017 Toyota Aqua L Hybrid Prius C
  • Jul 2022
    Although it is small, it will save your money and bring you to anywhere you want to go.
    —Tianjiao L - 2017 Toyota Aqua Hybrid Facelift S Spec
  • Jul 2022
    Great little car. Drives very well and has plenty of power. Obviously very fuel efficient and has been a welcome change from a standard petrol vehicle.
    —Rianne T - 2017 Toyota Aqua Facelift Model Hybrid
  • Jul 2022
    AQUA is very easy to drive and the fuel consumption is very good. The compact size is great for the city ride, I am enjoying driving this car. Some negative sides are; 1) It takes a while to pick up the motor way speed although pushing the accelerator all the way down. 2) There is no console box/arm rest by the side break which I found it inconvenient (purely personal preference)
    —AYA S - 2017 Toyota AQUA - Toyota Safety Sense
  • Jul 2022
    Its a good vehicle
    —Juglal S - 2017 Toyota Aqua L Good Kms
  • Jul 2022
    Fuel wise this one of the best.
    —Wasantha G - 2017 Toyota AQUA S
  • Jul 2022
    Very economical plus safe and perfect for my wife. Now I'm thinking I would like one too! The car is stylish and ticked all the boxes for us.
    —Anton C - 2017 Toyota Aqua HYBRID
  • Jul 2022
    Good for save gas but can.t power to hills
    —Alfredo L - 2017 Toyota Aqua Hybrid Special Price !
  • Jul 2022
    —Satwinder S - 2017 Toyota AQUA L
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