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  • 2018 Nissan Leaf

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  • Jun 2022
    Love it!
    —Mark N - 2018 Nissan Leaf G 40KW
  • Jun 2022
    Easy to drive and fuel expense nil
    —Joanne T - 2018 Nissan Leaf Zero Emission
  • Jun 2022
    Hey one!! It’s a great car, very enjoyable to drive,
    —Arthur D - 2018 Nissan Leaf 40X 88% SOH
  • Jun 2022
    Seems basically very good. The handling is good, but not ideal. The performance is better than I had expected.
    —Robert H - 2018 Nissan Leaf G
  • Jun 2022
    Surprisingly good car.
    —John C - 2018 Nissan Leaf 40X 87% SOH
  • May 2022
    So far, so good. Not expecting any problems.
    —Robert E - 2018 Nissan Leaf 40G 40KW EV
  • May 2022
    Well, I'm now an EV convert. The Nissan Leaf is so easy and comfortable to drive, and it costs virtually nothing to commute between Leeston and Christchurch. It's open road performance exceeded all expectations. I would not hesitate to recommend a Nissian Leaf to a friend or family.
    —Peter G - 2018 Nissan LEAF G 40kWh
  • May 2022
    Comfortable and range is good if you drive it sensibly...definitely keen to get another EV.
    —Kevin K - 2018 Nissan Leaf 40S 40KW EV
  • May 2022
    Nice zero emission car. Hard to go back to normal diesel/petrol car. Perfect car for our lifestyle- commuting
    —Ho L - 2018 Nissan LEAF X10 40KW
  • Apr 2022
    Love my Leaf. One Pedal driving is great
    —Jeremy M - 2018 Nissan LEAF G 40KW ELECTRIC
  • Mar 2022
    I like the vehicle, it is nice and tidy. Love how quiet it is.
    —Christiaan S - 2018 Nissan Leaf X
  • Mar 2022
    Very good car, extremely happy with purchase
    —John G - 2018 Nissan Leaf 40S 94% SOH
  • Mar 2022
    I bought the vehicle mainly for because it is fully electric. It is not the most practical vehicle, rear view is limited, turning radius is not so great, towing a trailer/caravan not recommended, no flat towing. However, it is a great city car if you can charge it at home.
    —Thomas K - 2018 Nissan Leaf 40S 88% SOH
  • Mar 2022
    Great vehicle.
    —Emily M - 2018 Nissan Leaf Nismo 40KW
  • Mar 2022
    Cheap on fuel :)
    —Ross H - 2018 Nissan Leaf Nismo 40KW
  • Feb 2022
    This is a great car. Easy to get used to driving after a petrol car. It drives really well and goes like the clappers when needed. Will be great for dragging off boy racers at the lights (just kidding!). We're thrilled with our purchase and looking forward to all the savings on petrol, especially with petrol prices going through the roof.
    —Gillian C - 2018 Nissan LEAF G 40kWh Leather with BOSE Audio
  • Feb 2022
    Love it! An excellent car, reliable, easy to use, smooth handling.
    —Vomlee A - 2018 Nissan Leaf 40G Leather
  • Feb 2022
    The huge boot space is definitely undersold as a feature. Plenty of rear seat legroom.
    —John S - 2018 Nissan Leaf 40G 88% SOH
  • Feb 2022
    An excellent vehicle. Smooth, fast and economical/efficient.
    —Catherine H - 2018 Nissan Leaf 40X 93% SOH
  • Feb 2022
    It’s my second EV and I am very pleased to have the improved range. It is a great-looking car.
    —Elaine L - 2018 Nissan LEAF G 40kWh
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